What if Tesla made wearables?, What if Instacart had home automation?, What if IKEA made furniture for pets?, What if Nest had a chatbot?, What if Fitbit had a free service?, What if Airbnb went corporate?, What if Toys-R-Us had subscriptions?

Break the ice and innovate with the world’s first innovation card game.

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An innovation card game by Innovatemap.

Discuss. Compete. Innovate.

Innovatecards™ is a thought-provoking team game to get you in the innovation mood. It’s perfect for product teams, design sprints, and brainstorming workshops, but anyone can play!

Success stories you know.

Fifty of the hottest companies in the world are hiring you to transform their businesses. Don’t worry about money. Worry about taking them to the next level.

Transformative ideas.

Dozens of innovation techniques will keep your mind sharp and tuned toward creative thinking. It’s an open invitation to be wild and imaginative.

Playing is simple.

1. Pick a black Company Card.
2. Pick a white Prompt Card.
3. Pretend you’ve been hired by that company.
4. Using the prompt on your white card…innovate!
5. Discuss, compete, and have fun!

Play by your own rules.

Anyone can play, and everyone will play differently! No game will ever be the same. Come up with your own rules, or use our questions to guide your discussion.

Think inside the box.

Play with friends, teams, strangers, your boss, or on your own!

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